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There is currently no way that anyone person with jus 1 PSP can unbrick there console, but if u have two - or even a spare battery - then you may be able to unbrick with Pandora.

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Q: Can you unbrick a fully bricked PSP?
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What is unbrick and bricked for the PSP mean?

a "bricked" psp means the psp does not have the correct files to boot up properly a bricked psp wont do anything when you turn it on to "unbrick" is to put the correct files on the PSP without it booting up normally

How do you brick and unbrick a slim psp?

woah...once its bricked its gone

My psp has bricked and i cant access the recovery menu How i can Unbrick it?

i have the same trouble

My psp is bricked but i can still use usb cable to connect to my PC How do i unbrick my psp using my PC?

You can still use your cable, but to unbrick your PSP you need the Pandora Battery and Magic memory stick. The cheapest price is through They also offer free postage worldwide

How do you unbrick a hard bricked htc sensation?


How do you unbrick a bricked psp 3004?

Sony knows it well and many around the havkers so ask them help one giy knew but was nafraid to tell

Could you unbrick a PSP 3000?

Yes you could unbrick a psp 3000 and 3000 slim

Is your PSP permanently bricked if it wont unbrick Green light comes on once mms is inserted with Pandora than shuts off?

Hi i have a psp and it was bricked,i searched alover the internt (almost). I found out how to unbrick it first press and hold the home button or the ps logo (bottom left) and turn power on hold it for a few seconds and it should com on(well hopefully) Hope it helped. send me feed bak if it worked.:D

What does it mean to unbrick?

using android mobile when u install cm or try to root and end up with bricked (broken) software. the process of repairing is known as unbrick

Is it possible to unbrick PSP-2000 TA088v3?

Sorry, but it's impossible right now to unbrick PSP Slim TA-088v3. You may want to trade your PSP or replace the motherboard to hackable.

How do you hack my PSP?

You need to unbrick your psp, for this you have to have the Pandora Battery and magic memory stick.

If you lost your pass code for a sony psp what should you do?

unbrick it