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no u cant but u can just mute the tv when a cause word comes up

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Q: Can you turn off the language in red faction guerrilla for PS3?
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Can you turn off bad language on black ops on ps3?

yes its the same with every system

How do you connect a PS3 remote to another PS3?

turn on a ps3 then turn on a controller, any ps3, any controller.

How do you turn on PS3 guitar for Guitar Hero world tour?

Its quite simple turn the PS3 and sync it with the PS3 and then its connected with the PS3

Can you turn off the Blood and Language in Uncharted 3?

Yes you can. I did it on my PS3,XBOX 360 and on my PC. So you can do it on any sistom you have.

Can you take blood and language out of call of duty world at war ps3?

no you can only turn the volume off and lose all sounds

How do you turn on your PS3?

you have to turn it on by remote

How can you turn what if your ps2 into a PS3?

The only way to turn a PS2 into a PS3 is to return and exchange it

Can you turn off the language in cryisi 3?

yes in the opion meanu it will ask you if you want to turn off any thang. So i did it on my PS3 so you can do it on any on the systims you have. -Jamie

Is the language on a PS3 game determined by the system language of your PS3 console?

No, it's determined by the version of the game. The system language sets the language for the system menus, etc.

How do you keep your PS3 controller charging?

leave the PS3 turned on and change the settings to turn off the controller when the PS3 is turned off. You can turn the controller and the PS3 back on by pressing the PS3 emblem on the controller

What language are PS3 games written in?

They Are Written in English but you can change the language or if you buy a Ps3 from a different country then then the language will be the same as the country that ur in

Why does the blue light turn on in the PS3 super slim?

To show ps3 is on