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Yes you can. in the lobby, go to settings located in the top right corner, scroll down, you will see blood effects. click off and press ok.

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Q: Can you turn blood off on combat arms?
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Can you turn off the blood in Combat Arms?

no not really

How can you turn off blood in combat arms?

you can't

Do you need to turn your firewall off before you play combat arms?

No you do not

Can blood be turned off in Halo 2 for the PC like in Combat evolved?

Yes there is a way to turn off blood in halo 2 just like combat evolved. Just type in blood off and blood should turn off.

How do you turn off text chat in combat arms?

just press f8 ingame

Can you turn off blood in halo?

In halo combat evolved you can go to settings and turn decals off and there will be no blood (except blood from the convenant which is blue and purple)

How do you download combat arms when the security setting will not allow?

you have to remove or turn off that security setting

Can you turn off chat in combat arms?

yes. all u have to do is press f8 during the game.

Can blood be turned off in halo?

Yes in halo combat evolved. just go on options and turn off decals and there will be no blood.

Can you turn off the blood in any of the halo?

In halo One Combat Evolved Or any other halo games for pc,options are available to turn off images of blood and gore.

Can you turn off the blood in alliance of valiant arms?

Yes, you can. It should be in the options section.

Can you turn off mature language and gore in brothers in arms earned in blood?

Yes in settings