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you can just by buying a minni hot tub fillig ur water cannon up and the ur pregnant

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Q: Can you try for a baby on the sims in a hot tub?
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How do you have babies in sims?

You have two sims "Try For Baby" in a bed, a hot tub, a changing room, photo booth, etc.

How do you have a baby on sims3 ambitions?

To have a baby in Sims 3 Ambitions you can have your relax in bed and choose the 'try for baby' option. You can also do this in a hot tub if you have those.

How do you get a baby on Sims?

First of all, you need two close sims, that are inlove. Let them relax on their bed, or get in a hot-tub. Click on the other sim and then choose: try for baby. If they don't get pregnant at the first try, try again.

How do you get a sim pregnant on The Sims 2?

For computer, you make both Sims relax in their bed and then after a couple of seconds, click on the other Sim and press ''try for baby''. you can also make them 'try for a baby' in the hot tub or in an elevator!

Can you have a baby on Sims 3 for the PC?

Yes,you just need to try for bed.but if u have late night expansion pack you can also try that in hot tub and elevator.hope it'll helpful for you;)

Sims 2 woohoo?

to get sims to "woohoo" have them fall in love, then have them relax in bed or cuddle in a hot tub, go into a dressing room, a closet, photobooth, or a car and select "woohoo" or "try for baby"

How does your sims get pregnant in The Sims 2 double deluxe?

Make sure the two sims are in love and get them in to a hot tub or bed and choose 'try for baby' if they don't live in the same house they can't have a kid, and they won't always get pregnant.

How do you get a baby on the sims 2?

on the sims 2 for the PC, you start with two sims who are in love, have then both relax on a bed together or have them cuddle in a hot tub. select "try for baby" and if it works there will be a chime and the "try for baby" option will no longer be there. wait a day and the sims stomach will "pop" slightly. she (or he) will stay like that for a day, then the next day the sims baby bump will get even bigger. and on the third day you have a new sim in the family! now if you have the PS2 version you can't have a baby, there are no children

How do you have babies in sims 2 double deluxe PC?

much like in real life get two sims married or engaged and then put them in a hot tub or in a bed(click on the bed and select relax) ant then choose try for baby.

How Can the sims3 have babies?

Get a boy and girl that are both young adults or older and then make them both "rest" in a double bed. If you don't have a double bed you will have to either buy one or have a baby the next way below. When the two Sims are resting on the bed make one of the Sims interact with the other by clicking on them and then there should be the option of " Try for Baby " Another way to have a baby is in the hot tub. Obviously you have to have both Sims in the hot tub at once. Then make one Sim interact with the other and a option should come up , once again, "Try for baby". Sometimes your Sims won't get pregnant... If she doesn't you can always try for a baby again and again until she actually does get pregnant.. Usually when the Sims get pregnant there stomach will grow and its kinda obvious when they are.

How do you have a baby on the Sims 2 psp?

i think u have to go buy a ring then give to sim then do woo hoo on bed

Can you woohoo in the hot tub on The Sims for GameCube?

No Sims cannot have sex in a pool in the game