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No, you can't.

But there might be a way. You have to make it yourself, since it is not made yet, but the basic idea of my theory is this. The reasone the Pokemon cant move up, is because they don't have natures. If you can somehow transfure the Pokemon to the computer, give them a nature, you should be ablle to put them in your ruby game as a Pokemon you can see in the wild, if you can not transfure it directly to your PC. If someone makes this, please let it be known that we can do this, because i have all the games but cant trade them up for the new Black and Wight games that are coming out.

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Q: Can you transfer Pokemon from gold silver or crystal to emerald ruby or sappire Pokemon game?
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How do you get dioxis in Pokemon HeartGold and soal silver?

you transfer one from Pal Park or Pokemon Sappire, Ruby or Emerald

What games do you have to trad to get an Espeon?

Ruby Sappire Emerald Diamond Pearl Platinum Gold Silver Crystal

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant. you only can in emerald, sappire, and ruby

Can you get Deoxys in Pokemon soul silver?

Pokemon mystery dungeon blue/red, Pokemon fire red, lear green, Pokemon emerald,ruby,sappire.

Pokemon Pearl where to get regice?

you cant get regice in pearl you haft to migrate him from sappire ruby or emerald

Where can you find registeel on dp?

You dont find registeel on D or P. U have to transfer him from Ruby, Sappire, Emerald.

How do you see all of the Pokemon in the national pokedex?

you must have Pokemon fire red or leafgreen Pokemon emerald or sappire or ruby and Pokemon silver or Pokemon gold then migrate them

Jirchi Pokemon Ruby?

u cant **EDIT: You can, but you had to have pre-ordered Pokemon Colosseum. With the pre-ordering receipt or whatever, you would have received a special bonus disc that would let you transfer a Jirachi Egg to Ruby, Sappire, or Emerald.

Where do you get the 3 reggiges on diamond?

You can't. You must Migrate them from Pokemon Sappire, Ruby, or Emerald. or use AR (action replay)

How do you get a sun-stone in Pokemon sappire?

you can only trade a sun stone with someone who has fire red, leaf green, or emerald.

Can you catch Meditite in Pokemon Emerald?

No. Meditate is oddly unavailable in the wild in Emerald. It can be found on Mt. Pyre and Victory Road in Ruby and Sappire and you’ll have to trade it from Ruby or Sapphire to obtain it in Emerald.

How do you get rayuaza in Pokemon white?

Rayquaza is only obtainable through transfering from Ruby, Sappire or Emerald via Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.