Can you trade the griseous orb?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in depends. can you be more specific?

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Q: Can you trade the griseous orb?
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Can you trade Griseous Orb from platinum from diamond?

yes you can trade that kind of orb

Can you trade Griseous Orb to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

Well, since the Griseous Orb is an Item you can trade it to D/P cause Giratina is in D/P.

How do you trade griseous orb to Pokemon pearl?

get giratina give the girseous orb to it and trade to a Friend and trade it back to diamond or pearl

How do you get a Grieous orb on Pokemon Diamond?

Well, the Griseous Orb transforms Giratina into it's other forme in Platinum so, you can't actually get a Griseous Orb in Diamond. But if you trade Pokemon with someone who has platinum (and Giratina origin form) you can remove their griseous orb and give it to your giratina, it may change forms.

How do you get Griseous Orb in Pokemon Diamond?

The Griseous Orb is only available in Pokemon Platinum.

Is it possible to trade the Griseous orb into souls silver?

no it will just return to you're bag

How do you trade Giratina withe the griseous orb from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon soulsilver?

Let Giratina hold it and then trade it.

How do you get girintina to change form on Pokemon platinum?

you need to have the griseous orb. to find the griseous orb. just search up the griseous orb and let giratina hold it. he will then change to origin forme

What is the name of Giratinas orb?

It is called the Griseous Orb.

Where do you get the griseous orb in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot get the Griseous orb in Pokemon Diamond. You can only get it in Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver and it is untradeable

How can you get the platinum orb in Pokemon diamond without transfer it from Pokemon platinum?

There's no way you can. It disppears when you trade the Giratina holding it. there is no platinum,pearl,or diamond orb its called the GRISEOUS orb,adamant orb and lustrous orb

Is there an Action replay code on Pokemon Diamond for Griseous Orb?

The griseous orb cannot be gotten in diamond. it's a platinum exclusive.