Can you trade shiny Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can you trade shiny Pokemon
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Can you get a Shiny Pokemon from In Game Trading or do you have to trade a shiny to get a shiny?

The chance of a Pokemon received from an in-game trade being shiny is the same as the chance of capturing a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Who wants to trade a shiny Pokemon for a different shiny Pokemon please?

no one trades shiny Pokemon because they are rare new person:i have a shiny umbreon in my pearl that i will trade for a different shiny Pokemon

Do shiny Pokemon stay shiny when you trade them?


Where do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon White?

Try it in the global trade system, just search for a Pokemon and see if anyone has shiny, try to trade with them.

How can you make Pokemon shiny on Pokemon gts us?

The only way to get a shiny pokemon is if you find it as shiny. Shiny pokemon are sometimes up for trade on the GTS, but not always.

If you trade a shiny Pokemon in an in-game trade is the Pokemon you receive shiny e.g. shiny Abra traded for mr mime in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes it will be shiny i tried it but i don't know for your leaf green but i would say yes.

If a shiny Pokemon is migrated from emerald to diamond does it stay shiny?

No matter what Pokemon it is and if it is shiny it will stay shiny if you trade it or migrate it, trust me i know i traded my shiny banette to Pokemon xd and its still shiny.

Can people give you shiny Pokemon and where?

if trade someone for a shiny but not in the game (unless you us the action replay for shiny wild Pokemon) (with that code every wild Pokemon will be shiny).

Can someone trade shiny Pokemon?

Yes you can trade shiny PokemonJust search on the search and offerThe usernameMR.Shinyman

Will someone trade me Pokemon on Pokemon tower defense?

Ill trade you if you have any shiny or shadow

How do you get in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i want to trade a shiny for mew

How do you keep Pokemon shiny when you trade it?

i dont think you can unless you dont trade it