Can you trade in a broken X-Box to a shop?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes but u wont get much for it

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Q: Can you trade in a broken X-Box to a shop?
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How do you fix a broken Xbox?

you take it to a shop to get it fixed you cant do it unless you r a nerd and can fix anything

Can you trade in a broken DS to a shop?

depending what kind of shop it is, then yes you can they can fix it (I'm not sure if they will charge you for them to fix it) and sell it

Can you trade in a broken PS2 to a shop?

A working one with all the equipment in good condition will only get you $20 what do you think a broken one is worth

Where to trade in an Xbox?

You can trade in your Xbox in most game stores and some websites.

Can you trade a PS2 for a Xbox?

Maybe for an Xbox not a Xbox 360

What to do with broken Xbox?

If your Xbox is broken you can call Xbox Support maybe they cant tell you how to fix it. Or you can send it in a gaming store as some do fix it for you.

Broken Xbox 360 distributer?

Look on ebay many people sell the broken xbox consoles

How do you get a Xbox games?

by them from a shop or the xbox market plase

Who want to trade a ps3 for a xbox 360?

I would trade a ps3 for a xbox 360

Can you trade your Xbox 360 for Xbox Kinect slim in the UK?

you can trade an xbox elite into game and get half price of the new xbox360 ! but you cant trade it and get a free one.

Can you trade broken consoles in for new Xbox 360 gamestion?

Yes, if it is still in warranty, and you call microsoft. Give them a call at 1-800-4MYXBOX

Can you trade an xbox 360 for a newer xbox 360 at game stop?

You can trade the Xbox 360 for store credit, and with that you can put it towards the new Xbox 360.