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Err, you get Pikachu at the start of your journy. If you've released him, catch a wild Pikachu in the first forest from Pallet Town. There are plenty there! Good luck finding lots of Pikachu!

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Q: Can you trade for Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you get a surfing Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

Find a Pikachu on red or blue, find the surfing hm, teach it surf, trade pikachu with another pokemon, and you have a surfing pikachu.

Where do i find the girl who wants pikachu in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Yellow, the only obtainable Pikachu is the one you receive from Professor Oak. You have to cheat or trade to obtain another Pikachu.

Can you get another Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

Not within the game. The only Pikachu you can get in Yellow Version is the one you get at the beginning; if you want to get another one, you'll need to trade for it.

Can you trade Pokemon in red version to yellow version special pikachu edition?


How do you geta pikachu on yellow if you already traded it?

Well, You'll Have To Trade Another PICKACHUInto Your Copy Of Pokemon Yellow.

Why is Pikachu yellow in Pokemon?

Pikachu's natural color is yellow.

In Pokemon yellow how to make Pikachu evolve and still stay out of the pokeball?

you can't evolve pikachu in the game but if you trade a pikachu from red or blue you can evolve it with a thunder stone but if you try to evolve the pikachu you get at the begging of yellow it just upsets pikachu

How do you evolve Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

You can't. The only way to get Raichu in Pokemon yellow is to trade your Pikachu to another game, give it a thunderstone, and then trade it back. I don't suggest this however, as once it is evolved into Raichu it will no longer follow you around in-game. Your best bet - if you want to take the time - is to catch a new pikachu (not available in yellow) on another game and use the thunderstone there and then trade it.

If you evolve Pikachu in yellow will it still follow you?

You cannot evolve Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow, unless you trade it to a red or blue version, and give it a thunderstone there. Once you get it back it will not follow you.

How do you get pikachu in yellow?

Pikachu is the starter Pokemon for Pokemon Yellow. You get he/she at Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town.

Can someone trade you a flying Pikachu for Pokemon soul silver?

NO!! And a FLYING pikachu does not even exsitst!actually it does you get it from the yellow route on a pokewalker but i missed the event

What Pokemon can you find on Yellow forest in Pokemon gold?

The Yellow Forest route on the Pokewalker? Pikachu. Only Pikachu.