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Yes you can. Go right from Mauville, surf across. Go right a bit then go up. There should be a MASSIVE place where you can't even see the people's heads. Walk around and you should find Tropius.

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Q: Can you to find tropius on Pokemon Ruby?
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How do you find a tropius on Pokemon ruby?

Route 119. They are moderately rare, though.

How do you catch a Tropius in Pokemon ruby?

tropius is a rare pokemon. but you can catch him near the water institute.

Where to find a miracle seed in Pokemon ruby?

Try catch a Tropius, some of them hold miracle seed.

What level does tropius evolve at in Pokemon ruby?

It doesn't evolve.

Where can you find a trophius in Pokemon pearl?

Sorry, the only way to catch tropius is to catch it in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Where can you find tropius on ruby?

in route 120

Which Pokemon use sweet sent in ruby?

Oddish, Gloom, Tropius.

Is it rare to find a tropius on pokemon sapphire?

Tropius is not rare.

How do you find tropius in ruby?

Tropius can be found on the route east and west of fortree city in the very tall grass.

How do you catch tropius in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get Tropius in Heart Gold by the Pokewalker Tree House Routw or trade it from Saphire, Ruby or Emerald. Hop this helps :)

Where can you get a tropius on Pokemon pearl?

You can't get it anywhere in-game. You must get it from the Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald versions.

Where can you find a Tropius on Pokemon Diamond?

You cant find tropius in Pokemon diamond you have to migrate it from ruby from route 119 or Sapphire from somwher