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Yes but i wouldn't recommend it because it will give you a bad egg which never hatch or in rare cases hatches in to another bad egg every second.

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Q: Can you steal other trainers Pokemon on Pokemon fire red?
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What is the gameshark code for stealing Pokemon from other trainers in Pokemon emerald?

There isn't, but there is in Pokemon fire red Add

What is the Pokemon fire red catch trainers Pokemon cheat?

i don't know but sertch on Pokemon

What is the Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon fire red If you are talking about trainer tower it is the place where you select a Pokemon of your choice and battle trainers on every floor. You get a prize if you beat all the trainers

Are there any Fire-Type Pokemon Trainers in the White 2 Pokemon games?

Chili (former gym leader)

Where is the Pokemon fan club in fire red?

The Trainers Fan Club is in Saffron City

What should you do when i beat the champion in Pokemon sapphire?

fire types beat steal

What beats steel type Pokemon?

fire fighting and ground beat steal!

Where are fire stones in pokemon Heartgold version?

you get this one trainers phone# and he sometimes sends you some

What lets you fight trainers again in Pokemon leaf green and fire red?

VS. Seeker, it is found in the Pokemon center in vermillion city

What type of Pokemon can beat steal type Pokemon?

Fighting and Fire types can easily beat Steel types as there moves are super effective on Steel.

Who are the trainers in the elite four in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond they are -aaron - bug type - bertha - ground type - flint - fire type - lucian - psychic type

In Pokemon fire red how do you get your Pokemon stronger quickly?

Well, you can get a Gameshark and use that. But if you don't want to cheat, I suggest using the Vs. Seeker on tough trainers or defeating the Pokemon League and Pokemon in the Victory road.