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You can only re-sell LimitedU items that you bought, which is always made by Roblox.

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Q: Can you sell stuff that you have already bought on roblox?
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How can you sell stuff on roblox with out builders club?

You can't.

How do you sell hats on Roblox?

You cannot create your own hats and sell them on Roblox. You can sell hats that you have bought as long as they are limited. To sell a limited hat you must have a subscription of Builders-Club.

How you can sell your stuff for money in roblox without Builders club?

This is not possible.

Do you have to be a member to sell stuff on roblox?

Unfortunately, yes you do have to have a builder's club membership, in order to sell items.

Do you have to be a member on roblox to sell stuff?

If you mean a member of Builders Club, then yes.

How do you sell stuff on roblox when your builders club?

Make a T-shirt (such as an Admin) or a shirt.

How do you get lots of tix on Roblox?

Log in evryday (I got 1000 from that) If you're bc, sell your robux. 1 bux is 10 tix. Sell your items, and people will buy them.

How do you sell stuff in Roblox?

You first need membership, then you create your shirt/pants/ect. Then Configure it and select sell, then change the prices and update.

How do you sell your pet in Fantage?

go to the trade and shop plc and sell them...only if you bought them with e coins becuase you cant sell stuff bought with stars....>3

How do you get a lot of coins on Freerealms?

You can play minigames or sell some stuff you already have (you have to have it unequipped to sell it).

Would the money received for American cars exported to Italy be part of the US gross domestic product?

Yes Gross domestic product is the amount of money made in one year by selling stuff for the first time. (as in, garage sales sell used stuff that's already been bought. That stuff doesn't count) It doesn't matter where we sell the stuff.

How do you put somthing you made on the roblox store?

The only way to sell stuff on Roblox is if you own BC. Even If you do own BC you can only sell clothing such as pants and shirts. To sell an item go to it's page and click edit. Check sell this item and then input the amount of Tickets and/or Robux you want to sell it for.