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no on the memory card

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Q: Can you save game on usb device in a ps2?
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What does cross-save mean in ps2?

On a Ps2, the phrase, cross-save means to save on more than one device. A device to save on might be a memory card or a USB stick. Cross-saving can also be a way to save the parts of a game that were purchased, such as better ammunition for a shooter game.

Can you transfer data from PC to ps2 using a usb cable?

There is a Device which has a PS2 memory card slot with a USB and it can be attached to PC to transfer your PS2 memory data to PC.

How do you map halo on the usb to the ps2?

You are not going to play Halo on your PS2 the game was not designed for the PS2

How do you get the usb to work on ps2?

Plug in the device you want to use and it should work.

Does Godzilla save the earth work on PS3?

Yes. It will only work on the older PS3 models with 4 USB ports because it is a PS2 game

Can a PlayStation 2 run a PlayStation 3 game?

Yes ps2 can run ps3 games prove why the usb on the ps2 the last one was 8mb now they made a usb 16gb and 4gb usb for the ps2 that usb 16gb is giving you a memory to save ps3 games on ps2 and a new graphics to start a ps3 game on ps2 you need the 16gb usb and connect it to the ps2 then you need to put your ps3 disc on the ps2 and then you do the code i used is triangle triangle Square Circle X.This code goes around the internal version checking that prevents PS3 games from working.Be sure to hold all the back buttons while you punch in the code.This really work on the fat ps2 and on the ps2 slim try it. bullsh!t, a ps2 cannot play ps3 games on it. i have both ps3 and ps2 and have tried this. i am 100% sure ps2 cannot play ps3 games. ps3 can play ps2 games though.

Can you play USB games on ps2 and 3?

ps3 definitely not because no such device is able to play it on but ps2 not sure cos I sold mine ages ago. dont think either of them do play usb though

Can you put a ps2 game in a ps3 game?

No. PS2 games only play on the first 2 or 3 PS3 models with 4 USB ports

My ps3 160gb can't read my ps2 game and the ps2 game worked when i used it in the 80gb i used before?

The 160 GB is not a Model that was designed to play PS2 games. The PS3 models with 4 USB ports Play PS2 games. Models with 2 USB ports are not Backward Compatible.

CAN you transfer your PS3 game data to a PS2 using a usb cable?

You don't

Can you use a PS3 to play ps2 game?

Only the early PS3 with 4 USB ports can play PS2 games.

How can you play a game from your USB drive?

If your game device has a USB input, no problem, just send the game to the your game player. Pay attention if both USB input and output are 2.0 or 3.0 type of USB.