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Yes but its a pain in the *** to do it so i wont type here.

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Q: Can you recover a deleted Diablo 2 character?
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Deleted my sim on sims 2 how to recover?

you cant its not possible

Which character in diablo 2 has conviction aura skill?

The Paladin

How do you recover data from deleted partition?

If you want to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy, you'd better not use your phone after recover losing data. Because new data might overwrite your deleted data. Samsung Data Recovery may help you a lot and you can try it to recover data from Samsung. Related articles: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5 Two Ways to Recover Deleted/Lost Data on Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5 How to Restore Deleted Pictures, Videos, Files on Samsung Table

What is HEX on diablo 2?

it is how the individual character data is stored and coded

Can you play Diablo 2 Original if you have the expansion installed?

Yeah, if I recall, at the character screen, you have the option to create an expansion character or not.

How do you get a deleted diablo 2 character back after the power went out He was a level 31 necromancer and I saved him but after i saved him the power went out. After i put diablo 2 back on he gone?

if its gone there might of been a problem because it happenend to my lvl 89 but then i re installed it then it never happenend again even if i turned the computer of while i was fighting a boss well if you can give me you rip address I'll tell you

How do you roll your health in diablo 2?

Your health is determined by the number of points you assign to it on the character screen.

What happens if your diablo 2 character expired?

Then you cant play on it that's sad. But if you get lvl 25+ then you will not get problems like that again Yours RixoZ In diablo Rixoz, i play in Europe

Where can one purchase Diablo 2 Hero Editor?

Diablo 2 Hero Editor is available at the Hero Editor website. Hero Editor allows you to completely edit your character in the video game Diablo 2. Since statistics can be edited as well, this can either add to the enjoyment of the game - or detract from it significantly.

How do you get torches in diablo 2?

There are no torches in Diablo 2

What PC game has a character most like a Necromancer from Diablo 2?

You could try some other RPG games for the same experience. NOX is an example for a game that has classes similar to Diablo 2 including the necromancer.

Do you need to download diablo to download diablo 2?

No, Diablo I has nothing to do with Diablo II.