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can you just wallpaper over paneling and not do any thing else if it has small groves

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Q: Can you put paneling over wallpaper?
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How do you get wallpapper on PSP?

To get wallpaper on you psp go to a wallpaper site for psp and then download your wallpaper then go to the pic then put set as wallpaper or something like that

Where on the Sims 3 ambitions can you get wallpaper?

If you mean put new wallpaper in your house, go to move/sell items and click on the wall. If you mean buy new wallpaper, I'm supposing it's in the sims store.

How do you change the Nintendo DSi wallpaper?

you have to go to settings then go over once press profile then click on color you put your favorite color in to change your color if you are not satisfied. No, this is how you just change the color. To change the actual WALLPAPER, you have to take a picture of whatever you want as the wallpaper. then make sure its saved on the CONSOLE memory and not just an sd card. find the picture in the album and choose the star stamp. whatever pictures have the star stamp on them will rotate as your wallpaper pictures.

How do you get the wavy wall paper on Moshi Monsters?

You can get the Wavy Borders Wallpaper at the DIY shop on Moshi Monsters. You need a secret code to get the Whacky Wiggly Wallpaper, the Wiggly Wallpaper, the Green Wiggly Wallpaper, the Blue Wiggly Wallpaper, the Pink Wiggly Wallpaper, and the Wild Wiggly Wallpaper.

What is the code to get the green wallpaper on moshi monsters?

There is no code for the Green Wallpaper. The Lime Green Wallpaper and the Meadow Green Wallpaper can be found at Yukea. The Green Slime Wallpaper can be found at Bizarre Bazaar. The Green Swirl Wallpaper can be found at Horrods.

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Where can I get paneling with a wallpaper look finish?

You can get paneling with a wallpaper look finish at Home Depot. They have a wide selection of different panelings at affordable prices.

Can you wallpaper over paneling?

Yes, but if the panelling has grooves in it you will have to mud these in and sand repeatedly or they will show thru the wallpaper. Also you want to ensure the panelling is very clean or the wallpaper won't stick well. Finally you may want to consider using liner paper in between the panelling and wallpaper

Can wallpaper be placeed over paneling?

Yes, but realize the grooves in the paneling will show thru.If the panelling is true wood, there is usually a ridge or grove that can be treated, either by filling the area with drywall mud and then sannding or by covering the entire surface with an under layer of wallpaper.Your wallpaper retailer will be able to advise you.There are also textured wallpapers, call glyptic paper that will go over paneling or badly damaged walls and cover the imperfections.This glyptic paper will need to be painted to finish it off, but is a great way to get from old dark paneling to something new and stylish.

Can you put wallpaper over old wallpaper paste or do you have to remove all paste from wall?

you can put it over but the wall will look a bit fat

How put wallpaper on my Facebook page?

how can i put wallpaper on my facebook

what is wall paneling and where can you learn it?

Wall paneling is wall covering that usually has a wood-like appearance. It can easily be put up over a number of wall surfaces to give a new, attractive appearance for a reasonable price.

What do you fill the cracks of paneling in with before you paint it?

You will get better results if you aim your effort at removing the paneling and preparing the wall board or plaster behind it. Paneling, even if you fill the grooves, will have waves. If I were going to leave the paneling on because it was applied with adhesive that created excessive damage to the wall behind it, I would put 1/4" drywall panels over it and tape and spackle.

My name on my computer wallpaper?

can i put my name on computer wallpaper and play music

Can you put size over wallpaper before paiting?

It's best to remove wallpaper (as best you can) before repainting a wall. You can rent a wallpaper steamer at your local tool rental place (U-Haul, etc...).

Can you wallpaper over old wallpaper?

I wouldn't .

How do you put wallpaper on on moshi monsters?

drag the wallpaper to your wall

Can you put drywall mud over wallpaper glue that is left on the wall after the wallpaper has been removed?

It shouldn't be a problem. The glue is water based and the mud should adhere to it.