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yeh but you canjust

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Q: Can you put a glitch in castle miner z to play split screen?
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How do you use split screen in castle miners z?

I will murder indie games if they don't put split screen in the next update of castle miner z sincerely Osama

Is castle miner z splitscreen?

No, because it wasn't made like that to have split-screen gameplay, so it is impossible unless they make it like that. I hope this helped.

Does the 4 player split screen glitch on black ops zombies mess up your xbox?

No lol

Is there any glitch to be a elite on halo2?

No glitch required, goto your settings, and edit your profile settings. You'll see a setting somewhere to be a elite. I think this only works with split-screen mode, not campaign.

How do you get a free care package in mw2?

u get 4 kills in a row or u do the care package glitch wich is already patched but it works only in split screen

Why did your minecraft leaderboards reset on the xbox 360 you didnt mod or anything but now any progress you do on peaceful doesnt count?

Have you played split-screen? if so that can glitch out the leader-boards, also doing the dispenser glitch apparently gets it reset

How do you get in bar glitch kino der toten?

Once I got on the bar I was playing split screen with my friend and I had him go prone and I jumped on top of him he stood up and I was on the bar. :p

How do you do split screen cod5?

Go to multiplayer, then go to split screen.

Is codmw2 split screen online?

No only on campaign is split screen

Does dead space 2 have split screen on the multiplayer mode?

no split-screen

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas how to play split screen?

you can have split screen off line , but can not have two people playing on xboxlive with split screen.

Does Nazi zombies black ops have split screen?

yes nazi zombies does have split screen i only know how to get you to split screen zombies on black ops so if you have world at war then i dont know but anyways once your at the main menu go to zombie mode then split screen and there you have zombies on split screen!