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actually, u cannot get diamond or pearl, however getting pokemon black or white is very possible on psp with hacking materials, u dont neeed a pro all u need to do is download and apply the pro b10 cfw to psp and then download a Nintendo ds emulator and u got it from there man.

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Q: Can you put Pokemon diamond on your psp?
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How do you download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on psp using the internet of psp?

Diamond and Pearl are Nintendo DS games, and are not digitally distributed.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl psp game download cso?

there isn't

Is it legal to put Pokemon on psp?

If you meant putting an emulator on your psp and loading on Pokemon roms that is illegal.

Can you put Pokemon on your psp without hacking?


What do you do with sea incense in Pokemon Diamond?

put it on a Pokemon

Can you put a Pokemon from the Poke walker from Pokemon SoulSilver to Pokemon Diamond?


Do you have to beat Pokemon Ruby to put Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

No, but you must get to a certain point in Pokemon Diamond to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon platanim?

Yes you can. If it is for game boy advance you have to use the trading cable.(can be found in video game stores) For PSP use wireless trading. For psp i am not quite sure. but i hope this helps

How do you put pokemon emarald on PSP?

The emerald cartridge is for the game boy advance The psp uses cds It is not possible for emerald to work on a psp

How do you put Diamond Pokemon to Pokemon Ruby?

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

How do you trade Pokemon in PSP to PSP?

sorry but there is no Pokemon on psp

Where can you find menaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

You can not find or get manaphy on Pokemon diamond but you can by hacking, trading or... if you have Pokemon ranger you have to complete the manaphy mission and then you can put it onto diamond.