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there isn't any cheats for it it's just luck

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Q: Can you please tell me any cheats for Football manager handheld Also how do you become an international manager I have won everything almost for 5 seasons i keep applying but get rejected?
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How do you become an international manager on football handheld from the start?

You have to win an international competition in a club started career. Then you can go and make a new one and start with a national team!!

Can you start as a country on football manager handheld 12?

yes but firstly you have to get a job for an international club an win a tournament with them to unlock the challenge

How can I get football manager 2014 handheld for free without damaging my iPhone?

You can get the Football Manager Handheld 2014 for free without damaging your iPhone from Google Play.

How do you loan out players on football manager handheld 2009?

No you can not do it.

Can you get youth players on football manager 2010 handheld?


What is the richest football club in the world on Football Manager handheld 2009?

Manchester City - £211 Million

How do you become manager of an international team on football manager handheld 2009?

you have to apply for the job of a national team. then if you win a world cup or European championship (if you are European nation). then you can choose a nation at the start of a game

How do you offer your player for transfer on Football Manager Handheld 2012?

Jordan baird rocks

How does sugar daddy work on football manager 2009 handheld?

As the rest of the game; pumps in money to the team.

What are the best PDA handhelds out right now?

"One of the best, newest and most popular PDA Handheld on the market right now is the new iPad 2 from Apple/Mac. This is everything you want to do on your computer in a handheld device."

Who has the most money on football manager handheld 2011?

Man city of course they have 75 million pounds in the football manager iPhone game.real Madrid has 50 million Pounds. Barcelona have 42 million pounds in football manager

How many points do you need to unlock sugar daddy for yeovil town on football manager 08 handheld?

dont have a clue soz.