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no, it's impossible

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Q: Can you play split screen on ps3 with two HD tv's?
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Do you need a flat screen tv to play the ps3?

No a PS3 can play on any TV that has input plugs to connect the PS3

Why is minecraft split screen not working on ps3?

Make sure your console is connected to your TV via a HDMI cable. Without that specific cable, Minecraft will not allow split screen.

Can you play xbox 360 split screen on two TVs?


What happens if you dont have a hd tv for your ps3?

The games will play in lower screen resolution than if the PS3 was connected to a HDTV with a HDMI cable

What is a cut screen in video games?

a cut, or split screen when playing a video game is when two or more people are playing the same game, on the same system, on the same tv. the screen of the tv is split to show two different camera angles, almost as if the tv screen was split in two. in this way all people can play at the same time.

Does PlayStation 3 have its own screen?

No the PS3 is designed to be connected to a television. It will play on any form of television it can be connected to to from 480i to 1080P

Does The PS3 come with a television screen?

No, it doesn't.

How do you play PS3 on 2 different tv's at the same time?

Playing PS3 on 2 screens is not possible since the PS3 only has one HDMI output. It is possible to clone the screen to another TV if your TV allows that. Playing a PS3 on 2 screens separated requires an extra PS3 and a console link.

How do you make PS3 screen brigher?

PS3 does not have a screen the TV it is connected to has the screen and you use those controls. Most TVs have brightness and contrast controls that can be adjusted for the best picture whether you are using the cable box, TV tuner, DVD/VCR, or a PS3

Do you have to have a plasma screen tv for a PS3?

No it does not have to be a special TV or a HDTV to connect and play the PS3. You do need a TV that has A/V input capability. That means 2 Audio RCA type Plug inputs and one Video RCA Type plug input are needed to connect the PS3 to the TV with the A/V cable that comes with the PS3.

How do you play PS3 on 2 TVs?

You could call it playing, but the TV is only the sound and audio for the PS3 To get reception on 2 or a 100 TVs you only need to split the A/V signal that leaves the PS3 You still can only have 2 players playing if the game allows it and the other controller is close enough for the PS3 blue Ray to work

Can 2 people play left 4 dead on one tv?

No, Left 4 Dead does not have a split screen option. The only way to play with someone is online.