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No, no you cant

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Q: Can you play seaman without a microphone?
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How do you play Guitar Hero without a microphone?

figure it out

How do you get seaman?

Should be on the Internet it is not sold in stores. It is on the Dreamcast, PC, and seaman 2 is only on the PlayStation ONE. You need a microphone.

Do you need a microphone to play world tour guitar hero?

no, world tour can be played without a microphone

Can you play Rock Band PS2 without a microphone?

Yup :)

Can you playrock band without guitar?

Yes you can use the drums or the microphone to play.

When did the Seaman video game come out?

The Seaman video game was released on July 29, 1999 by Dreamcast. The video game was voice activated and came with a microphone included. It was designed for teens.

Can you play guitar hero 5 without a microphone?

Yes you can either get the Band Package: Guitar Hero Game, Drums, Guitar and Microphone or the single package only consisting of the Game and Guitar

Do you need a microphone to play rock band on the wii?

No, you don't HAVE to. You can use only the guitar, or only the drums, or all of them.

Can you play Guitar Hero without a micrphone?

Of course you can, unless you plan on singing. Only then will you need a microphone.

Can you play gh5 without guitar?

Yes.You can use a drumcontroller to play drums, or you can use a regular controller and a microphone to sing. It is not possible to play guitar (or bass or drums) using a regular controller though.

How do you make the music play out of the speaker and not the microphone on your Nokia e63?

Music can't play through a microphone, microphones only record sound.

Can you buy just guitar hero world tour and drums without the guitar and mic?

No. You have to have either the microphone, guitar, or drum to play the game.