Can you play minecraft on the Mac?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yep! Just go to and then, go to the download button, and it should say download for mac iOS

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Q: Can you play minecraft on the Mac?
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Can you download Minecraft on a Mac?

yes, i use a mac to play minecraft :D

Can you play Minecraft on a Mac or only on a PC?

You can play minecraft on Mac it is coming out for it, just look on the official website.

Can you play Minecraft on a Mac?

Yes. Minecraft for Mac OSX is available for downlad at Minecraft's official website. The link can be found below.

What do you do after you buy minecraft on a mac?

Play it online or download it.

Can you play minecraft on iPad with people on Mac?

No, you can't.

Can you use a Mac to play Minecraft on the computer?

Yes you can, but you need to download minecraft for macs

What can you play Minecraft on?

minecraft is played on PC, Mac and Linux but can soon be played on xbox live arcade

Do you have to download anything to play classic minecraft on the mac?

Nope 'nutin'

Where can one find information on where to play the minecraft game on mac?

You can go on the official minecraft website to easily find the information you desire. Minecraft games can easily be played on mac with the correct download.

What computer do you use for Minecraft?

Minecraft can be played on:Microsoft Windows PC/LaptopApple Mac PC/LaptopXbox360Xperia Play

Is Minecraft sp only for mac?

No. You can play Minecraft singleplayer on any type of computer that's able it run it.

Is it harder to play Minecraft on Mac OS X than on Windows?

There is no difference in game play between any Mac game and a Windows game.