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You can download the game and play it online.

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Q: Can you play imagine party planner online?
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Can you play Mario Party 8?

yes you can play mario party 8 online

Where can you play master chef online?

I don't know where you can play imagine master chef online, but if you type in imagine happy cooking(the European name for the same game) on google you will find it. Hope this helps.

Could you play the imagine champion rider online?

I don't know. In order to find out type in play imagine champion rider online into google instead of just asking the question here. Hope this helps.

Where can one play Shin Megami Tensei Imagine online?

One may play Shin Megami Tensei Imagine online via the ONRPG website. This game is a free multi-player online role playing game that is open to everyone.

Where can you play imagine makeup artist online?

actually if you make an account on you can go to imagine world and make your character and play anywhere as long as there is a ds the and you just play the game

Do you need the San Van Party Pack to play with friends on Skate 3?

to play two player on your system you do but to play online with your friends you just need to go to online play

Can you play Imagine games online?

yes the answer is yes because I've been on it but i can't get back!!! and a want to go on this website

Do you have to be online to play multiplayer on call of duty modern warfare 2?

You can, but dont have to. You can play splitscreen with up to 4 people. or lan party with your friends. Eventually you can play special ops mode online or with 2 controllers. Hope I helped!

Can you play imagine champion rider free online?

well if you look it up you can find it. and dose any one no if you can buy it in canada??

How do you play alone in GTA IV with Police... No Story Mode and No Online?

Not possible unless you want to get wifi and get on party mode.

On titan quest for PC how do you trade?

When on online play you right click on another player's interface (have to be in a party) and it will show an icon for trade.

How do you play I can only imagine on trumpet?

with your hands