Can you play dvds in the wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no but you can download Netflix for 8 bucks a month and you can watch any movie netflix has available

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Q: Can you play dvds in the wii?
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Does the Nintendo Wii play DVDs?

No, the Nintendo Wii cannot, and will not, play DVDs. There have been rumors about a newer Wii version to hit stores in 2011 about a DVD-playing Wii, but it is all just a rumor, and would be a completely different Wii. Currently, it does't play DVDs.

Can you play DVDs on the Wii?

apparently no

How to play dvds on my Nintendo Wii?

You Can't

Is there a version of Wii that plays DVDs?

No, although Wiis can be modified to play DVDs.

Can you play DVDs in a Wii?

Not usually, but there is a modification that lets you do this.

Does Nintendo Wii play Blu-ray?

No, it cant even play regular dvds or cds. However, you can softmod your wii to play dvds, internet radio, and backup/pirated wii games ftom a usb drive or dvd

Can i buy an adapter to play Blu-ray dvds for my Wii?


How do you play dvds on the wii?

You have to install a special software FOOL

Do wiis play dvds?

yes they do, with a special modification. Stock Wii's can not play DVD's.

Does wii play dvds?

No There is some homebrew that can unlock this feature though.

Can the wii play cds dvds and connect to the ipod?

it can play DVDs if you use the twilight hack. no CD though but you can charge your ipod though the usb.

Can the Wii system play videos?

It can play netflix videos if you have a netflix account, buy not dvds