Can you play dogz 5 online?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Unfortunately I am very unaware of how you would, but so far the answer is no, I have not found any way to play dogz 5 online :< sorry

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Q: Can you play dogz 5 online?
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Can you play Catz 5 Dogz 5 online?

i don't really know..... but look up catz 5 dogz

Can you play dogz or catz 5 online?

yes you can go to play r .com and go to games and it will be there

Dogz 5 and Catz 5 how do you make them play together?

If you want to make catz and dogz play together, you have to have both Dogz 5 and Catz 5 (or Petz 5). then you just choose a cat and a dog and bring them out. Catz and dogz cannot breed.

What is dogz 5?

Dogz 5 is a game where you adopt dogs, care for them and you can breed them when they're already adults. You can play minigames get stuff for your pets/petz and if you buy Catz 5 (which is sort of the same as Dogz 5 except they're cats), your dogz and your catz can play together in playscenes. Hope this helps...

Where is the medicine in Dogz 5?

play lots of minigames it will drop eventualy

I can't get my dogz my to play with toys on petz dogz pack?

You got to give it time. Soon the dogz will get used to the toys and they will play with them!

In dogz 5 how do you get the love potion?

Play all the games and you will find it. &lt;3

How do you put the downloaded breed on dogz 5 in the game?

when you have downloaded the breed, i will be in a file/folder. go to resources/dogz and copy the downloaded breed in the dogz folder. voila! if my answer helped you, please answer the question (its unanswered) where do you get the nightlight in dogz 5?

Dogz 5 Where is the paint can?

if you play minigames it will drop i get all my stuff from the knight normally but i get extras because i merged catz 5 on the disc lol

Where do you get the nightlight on dogz 5?

you get it in haunted mansion

Where can you buy the dogz 5 game?


Why are your dogz sneezing on dogz 5?

They may have been sprayed with love potion and are too young to breed. If not I don't know.