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No but you can run it on boot camp

if you find this intresting look on my you tube acount search robthegeekify!

please im only 11

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Q: Can you play adventure rock on the mac?
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When was Adventure Rock created?

Adventure Rock was created in 2008.

When did Adventure Rock happen?

Adventure Rock happened in 2008.

Will sonic adventure 2 battle be on a mac computer?

No its not

I am looking for a good mac game not butterfly adventure or something corny like that Are there any good games to play?

the sims 3 is very fun

How do you get upgrades in adventure rock?

Go to the upgrade center. Ask on the adventure rock message board on the cbbc website for more detail.

On adventure rock cbbc when you go on it comes up error report?

on adventure rock cbbc when i go on it comes up error report how do i continue to play?AMMA ACHIAA:Thats why your computer should run less than four years old that ,means you need PC to play and it should be three years old 2 or 1

Does adventure time rock?

Yes, totally.

What types of games does Play First offer?

Play First offers several different categories of games. These include Free-to-Play, Time Management, Adventure and Strategy. Additionally, they offer games on several platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC/Mac.

Will sonic adventure 2 battle be on mac?

Most likely not. It hasn't been announced yet, but most likely, it will not be released on Mac.

What is the motto of Adventure Landing?

The motto of Adventure Landing is 'Adventure Landing-come play with us'.

How do you play ciberscape on a Mac computer?

Get java for mac

Can you get spintires on a Mac?

Yes, you can play Spintires on a Mac.