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Well, yes and no. If you DON'T have a balance board, then no. But if you do have a balance board, you can. There is certain games that can.. for example: Jogging and some of the Yoga things.

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Q: Can you play Wii fit without the balance board?
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Do you have to have a Wii balance board for Wii fit plus?

Yes It Is impossible to play Wii fit plus without the Wii balance board.

Do you need the wii balance board for wipeout?

No. You can play with or without it.

Can you play marble saga without the Wii mote?

Yes you can also play with the wii balance board

Can you use the Wii balance board on Sean white snowboarding?

I am pretty shure that you NEED the wii balance board to play

Do you need Wii fit balance board to play Wii family ski?


How do you reset the Wii balance board?

you reset the wii and it'll reset the wii balance board

When was Wii Balance Board created?

Wii Balance Board was created in 2007.

Can you use a wii balance board compatible game without the balance board?

Yeah depending on what game it is if its wii fit you need the board if its Mario and sonic at the winter Olympics you don't need it.

Do you need a Wii fit board ofr Wii music?

You don't need the Wii Balance Board for most of Wii Music, but you need a Balance Board for a special Drumming Mode. Normally you just play the drums with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Do you need Wii fit boared to play Wii fit game?

Yes, you need the wii fit balance board to play wii fit or wii fit plus.

Wii balance board on carpet?

My Wii Balance Board works fine on carpet.

Do I need to buy games to use the wii fit balance board?

Um the balance board come with wii fit but there is a games called skate it for the wii that is wii balance board compatible