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Sorry no because the DS cant have big cartages placed in it for some wierd reason

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Q: Can you play Pokemon FireRed on a Nintendo ds?
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Can Pokemon FireRed be played on the Nintendo DS lite?

Yes, the DS lite can play GBA games with the second slot.

Can you play Pokemon Soul Silver on the original Nintendo DS?

As long as it's a Nintendo DS system, then yes, you can play Pokemon SoulSilver Version on the original Nintendo DS.

Can you play Pokemon Gold on the DS?

No, Pokemon Gold version will not work on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Gold is a GameBoy Color game, and the Nintendo DS's GBA compatible slot only works with GBA (GameBoy Advanced) games. Even though the GBA system is compatible with Pokemon Gold, the GBA compatible slot in a Nintendo DS is not compatible with Pokemon Gold.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon FireRed using Nintendo DS?

no you can only trade using a game boy to a game boy with the link cable.

Can you play SoulSilver on Nintendo DS lite?

Yes, Pokemon SoulSilver is a Nintendo DS game so it can be played on a Nintendo DS

Can you play Pokemon crystel on Nintendo DS?

No... But Nintendo are making remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver

Can you play Pokemon Yellow on DS?

No, you cannot play Gameboy Colour games on the Nintendo DS.

Where can you play Pokemon games?

What are you talking about? Pokemon games are played in Nintendo DS' or Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. The games avalible are Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Soulsilver, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Dimond, these games are played on the Nintendo DSi, DS, and Nintendo DSi XL. You can also play games online, Play on the official site,

Can you trade Pokemon from Diamond to FireRed and then to Emerald?

No. The Nintendo DS doesn't have a slot for a cable trade anyway.

Where can you find Pokemon?

Pokemon are not real, but you can play Pokemon games on Nintendo DS...etc.

Can you play Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on the Nintendo DS?

yes you can

What is the best game to play on Nintendo DS?

pokemon black and white