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well i just beat the game yesterday and i unlocked all characters so im sorry to say phoenix is not a playable character

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Q: Can you play Phoenix in Ultimate Alliance 2?
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How many heroes can you play on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

about 30

How do play as carnage in Ultimate Alliance 2?

you choose him at the main menu

Can you play as characters from marvel ultimate alliance in marvel ultimate alliance 2?

Yeah, most of them. There are some characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance that aren't in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, such as Elektra, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer, and vice versa. You get a bigger group of heroes -- and a few villians -- in MUA2.

Will there be a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

Yes there is marvel ultimate alliance 2

Is galactus on marvel ultimate alliance 2?

no, only in marvel ultimate alliance 1

Is Ultimate Alliance better than Ultimate Alliance 2?

If on ps2 yes, on other systems no.

Is ultimate alliance 2 out?

Duhhh who didnt know that Ultimate Alliance came out ? It came out in 2009.

Can you play as gambit in marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS3?

Yes you Can, but you have to beat the first stage in the game.

Is iceman on Ultimate Alliance 2?


Who is the final boss on marvel ultimate alliance 2?

Robotic Nick Fury is the final boss on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Did Ultimate Alliance 2 out?

no not yet

When will Ultimate Alliance 2 be out?

its out now