Can you play Minecraft on xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, a new edition of the game, minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, was released May 9, 2012. It also has a demo, but that only includes the tutorial level and lets you ply that level for about 15-20 minutes. As of the date of this answer being written, the current version of the game is much like the Beta 1.7.3 PC version. 4J Studios, the company working with Mojang on it, is throng their hardest to make the game as much like the PC edition as they can.

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Q: Can you play Minecraft on xbox?
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Can you play Xbox Minecraft with computer Minecraft?

no you can not

Do you need kinect to play minecraft on xbox?

No, the Xbox version of Minecraft is for Xbox360

Can pc play with xbox Minecraft?

No you can not play xbox on line with PC.

Can xbox play minecraft online with PC?

No you can not play xbox on line with PC.

Can I play minecraft the game on my Xbox?

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

What consoles are used to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is available for Xbox 360

Do you need a membership to play Minecraft on the xbox?


Do you need Kinect to play minecraft on the xbox 360?


How do you play offline multiplayer in minecraft on xbox 360?


Will the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft have Multiplayer servers?

It will have and you will play with the pc too (i am not sure about modded servers) but i am 100% sure it will have server cus in the wiki of minecraft if you press on xbox 360 minecraft it will say you can play with pc minecraft too

Will you have to have Xbox live to play minecraft on Xbox 360?

you dont have to be online, but you wont be able to play with others (if you have gold)

Can you play sim city 3 on xbox 360 kinect?

No you can only play minecraft with a xbox 360 controller.