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Yes, there can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 Players in WaW, BO1 and BO2 Zombies.

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Q: Can you play 3 or 4 players on zombie mode of call of duty black ops?
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Can you do multiplayer in Call of Duty Black Ops zombie?

Yes you can,You can play with friends or players online

Who is the best call of duty black ops zombie players?

TeRRoR001Z The team at NGTZombies are extremely good zombie players. See the related link below.

How do you play call of duty black ops in zombie mode with three players?

You cant its only 2 player

Can you be a zombie on Call of Duty Black Ops?


How do you get 3 players call of duty black ops zombie mode?

You invite all your freinds to the game in a "Private Match".

Is there any multiplayer online zombie games on wii?

If you get call of duty black ops there is a zombie mode and you can play it online.(There are other call of duty's with zombie modes.)

Call of duty black ops zombie mode?

It does have a zombie mode and it is really fun.

How do you get to the zombie board on Call of Duty?

Zombie mode for call of duty is only available in World at War and Black ops and it is found in the start menu.

Is there a zombie mode on the Call of Duty Black Ops?


What other zombie games are there?

Call of duty black ops

What do get when you get all films in black ops zombie?

in call of duty black opps

Is call of duty black ops 2 players for the wii in zombie mode without internet?

Yes but you need to go to either lan or local.