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No you can not move it sorry

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Q: Can you move a webkinz house room to another location in the house?
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You cannot move your house like from one location to another. You need to sell your house, then buy another house in your new location. You have to move your stuff.

How do you put two webkinz in the same room?

Go to my pets while in your house and click on a different webkinz. This will take you to the room your webkin is currently in. Then you can move it manualy or by the map to another room.

How can you move a retired pet to your second account on webkinz?

when your in your house or anybodies house you click anywhere then theyll move but you must be on walk, to get on walk there is a purple rectangle on the top left hand corner you press walk then edit will take its place that means you are on walk

How do you move in the kinzville park?

As if you were in your knz house (click the square you want your webkinz to go to).

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Move to another location.

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