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Step 1 - Change DS Time

Step 2 - Put a game in slot 2 you DONT want to migrate your Pokemon from

Step 3 - Press Yes to all

Step 4 - Turn off and put in the game you DO want to migrate Pokemon from

It should work then

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Q: Can you migrate in Pal Park without waiting 24 hours?
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Can you migrate Pokemon without the pal park in diamond?

Nope, you can't migrate Pokémon without using the Pal Park.

When you migrate Pokemon from another game on to diamond is there a way you can find out where they are in the wild?

You have to go to pal park at the end of route 221, that's where they will be waiting in there for you to catch them.

Can you get into pal park without migrating?

No you must get past the guy who asks you if you have migrated pokemon. You have to migrate or you can't go in.

What happens when you migrate a Pokemon?

when u migrate a pokemon, it appears in pal park, u catch it there with park balls.

How do you catch elekid in Pokemon diamond without Pokemon fire red?

You can't unless you migrate by using the pal park...

Is there a way to get every Pokemon on sapphire without action replay or cheats?

no not possible or get national pokedex from rowan then migrate, then go to pal park.

Dsi can you go in the pal park in Pokemon diamond?

You can, but its pretty much worthless, cause you cant migrate anything without the GBA game

Where do you catch blastiose in pal park?

You have to migrate it there.

How do you trade the regis to Pokemon pearl?

you have to complete the sinnoh dex to unlock pal park and. Then migrate them by going to the menu and choose migrate from what ever game your migrating from but you have to choose 6 to migrate if you want it to work. after that go to pal park and talk to the man and he will let you in then you will have to go and catch them with park balls. and that is how you migrate Pokemon

Pokemon diamond how do you migrate?

First you have to get pal park, then on the main menu you get the option to migrate if the GBA game is in the slot. First you have to get pal park, then on the main menu you get the option to migrate if the GBA game is in the slot.

Will the Pokemon you migrate still be at the pal park if you dont catch it?

Yes but you wont be able to migrate again until you catch whatever is at pal park

Can you get a Zapdos in diamond without an action replay?

No you must migrate zapdos from leafgreen or firered then capture it in pal park (NOTE:You must beat the Pokemon league before you can get acces to pal park.)