Can you make your sims pregnant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, one way is to, ctrl shift c to the pop up at the top, and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. (exactly with those spaces) then click on a person and go to spawn, tomb stone of life and death (LD). once that is done be the person you want pregnant and click on the tomb stone and go to make me pregnant. (or alien pregnant) this also works on guys. if you want a baby fast go to the tomb stone and click "speed up my pregnancy"

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Q: Can you make your sims pregnant?
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Can you make your elder sim pregnant in The Sims 2?

No, elder Sims can not get pregnant.

Can you make a sim in sims 3 for iPhone pregnant?

no they can not you need to get sims ambitions to get pregnant

How do you make sims pregnant on The Sims 2 for the PSP?

you can't

On sims 2 how do you make children get pregnant?

Children can not get pregnant.

What sims game can you make the female pregnant?

Any sims game.

How do you make a sim pregnant on sims two pets on playstation2?

You actually can not get a Sim pregnant in Sims 2 Pets.

Can you make Sims 3 teens pregnant?

No, teens can not have children in the sims 3.

Do sims grow old in the sims 2 psp. How do you make your sims pregnant in the sims 2 psp.How does your boy sim get pregnant with a alien baby?

no, impossible and impossible only on computer

How do you make vampire sims pregnant?

Make them relax on a bed with the Sim who you want them to get pregnant with, then have them "try for baby" - if they are pregnant there will be a lullaby. Although having a pregnant vampire might make them die, as vampire Sims cannot go out in sunlight or they burn and die - and baby Sims are annoying as they can cry at any time.

Is there a cheat to make teenagers pregnant on sims 2?

no it is impossible, you can only make adults (18+) pregnant

I did woohoo in sims 2 but she isn't pregnant how do i get her pregnant?

you have to get married then there is an option to make a baby

Is there a cheat to get sims pregnant on the ps2?

No there is not a cheat to make a sim pregnate on the sims 2 for ps2