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Yes but it's not an easy task there are a few tutorials 4 making one but I don't know any websites 4 them try the sims 2 homepage


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Q: Can you make sims have a basement on sims 2?
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Where is the government lab in The Sims 2?

In the basement where you disect aliens.

Where is the government laboratory in sims 2 for the ds?

the government lab is in the basement

Sims 2 ds where is the rat cave?

Next to the freezer in the basement there is a huge thing of lockers and that is the rat cave. {When you go in the basement make a left} HOPE THAT HELPED! iBEAT THE WHOLE GAME

How do you put stairs to your basement in Sims 3?

Well first you make a basement and then you put stairs in it where ever there is a space for example if you where trying to put stairs in your house to the basement you would have to have a huge amount of space and delete 6 squares of floor and but 2 stairs then in the basement you put the stairs where 6th squares are then you have basement stairs.

How do you find a 2 star rated radio in the sims freeplay?

buy a radio from the basement

Can you make a basement in Sims 3?

yes you can. (i dont know how to make one though so please dont ask.)

On what Sims Game can you make 2 floors?

you can make a house with 2 floors in both sims 1 and sims 2.

How do you make a college in sims 2?

You have to have Sims 2 University to make a college.

How do you put in the basement above on Sims 3?

On The games of the Sims games of couse.

Can sims make out on sims 2 pets psp?

No, but they can get married, and they can kiss. If you want the make out feature buy the Sims 2.

Where is the mechanical 5 on the Sims 2 DS?

possible places of mechanical skills in the managers suit hotel reactor at the back of the stairs at the basement near the basement in the atrium and in the casino

How do you make anorexic sims on sims 2?

You can not make a Sim anorexic.