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NO you can not make people buy your fish but you can help to sell them buy dragging them into the isolated tank (just one at a time) and then click species on the side it has a calculator the number on it is how much it will sell for if u make it to expensive no-one will buy if u make it to cheap you wont make money. If u double it they will sell.

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Q: Can you make people buy fish in fish tycoon?
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How can you make a Orange Fatfish in fish tycoon?

buy the cheapest eggsw rep-eatewdly.

How come people never buy my fish in fish tycoon the online game even know they are really cheap?


Where can you buy fish tycoon on CD?


Which side of the Fish Store do Visitors stand to buy your fish in 'Fish Tycoon'?

the side where the fish are on

How do you get people to buy fish on Fish Tycoon?

First, you must buy eggs and nurture the fish. Once they are ready to sell (adult fish), transfer them to the Selling Tank. Then, visit the Fish Store screen, and wait as people come by and purchase your fish. It may take a few minutes before someone buys fish. Make sure the fish are reasonably priced. Otherwise, you might not sell any fish.

How long does it take for customers to buy fish in 'Fish Tycoon'?

I had it on my phone and computer, and they sold immeditly.

Can you buy Fish Tycoon for PC in stores?

Yes! Go to Best Buy or something like that because that's where I found it.

My Fish is sick How do I make it better on Fish Tycoon?

Well, when you start Fish Tycoon, it's best to breed only the same type of fish, because then they'll be more likely to survive and be healthy. Also, you can go to supplies and buy medicine. These are some illnesses: ick looks like white spots on your fish fungus looks green/brown Generally, though, its not worth it buying medicine if you don't have much money.

In fish tycoon why do fish get sick quickly i don't have enough money 2 buy anything from the store which will help please give me some tips?

You can place a fish in the chamber and hit Species. Then you can decide how much you would like the fish to be. The way I like to do it you can put in a long number. Then the peoples will buy your fishies. You will for sure make alot of money!!!!

Will customers buy very expensive fish for no good reason in 'Fish Tycoon'?

No They wont It will have to be a super specil fish or something diffrent trthe rear egg's or the one after that then put them on a high price......

How do you be a bin tycoon for free?

The only way is to buy a membership card if you don't buy your not a tycoon

Do you need to be a tycoon to buy a bin pet or can you do it with dosh?