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no, there is no way to make any kind of trimmed armour, it can only be bought.

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Q: Can you make black gold armor in runescape?
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Can you make black armor in RuneScape?

Nope, because there is no black ores, to make black bars to make the armour.

How do you make black tin on RuneScape?

black tin? i have never heard of it maybe it is black armor. black tin? i have never heard of it maybe it is black armor.

Where to get an armor set on runescape?

in either the grand exchange or you can make one

Can you make guthix armor on runescape?

no. You find gods' armour, trimmed and gold-trimmed versions of armour, and some other valuable stuff, only on treasure trails. 

Where do you get the armor in dungenering in runescape?

either you make it in daemonhiem or you can find it by killing the monsters there.

How do you make granite armour in runescape?

In Runescape you cannot make granite armor the only types of armor you can make areBronzeIronSteelBlackMithrilAdamantRuneAnd some pieces of Dragon armor

Is it possible to make or get dragon armor for free in Runescape?

No, but you can get it for free if you get it at a drop party. It is a very small possibility that you would get the armor though.

How do you make a black suit in Runescape?

You can't make Black Armour.

How Can you make granite armor in RuneScape?

Granite Armour can't be made in Runescape, it consists of monster drops and various mini-game rewards.

How do you get free mirthril armor in Runescape?

You have to make it for yourself for it to be free, either that or have a friend do so generously.

Where is the weapon stash on RuneScape?

There is no weapon stash in Runescape. If you need a sword or armor, you can either buy it at the Grand Exchange located at Varrok, or you can make your own.

How do you make a gold bar on runescape?

Have 40 smithing, use a Gold Ore on a furnace.