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Yes press r1 than x then o three times

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Q: Can you kill yourself with a tomahawk in cod black ops?
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How do you make a Tomahawk Playercard on COD Black Ops?

you cant

What is a bank shot medal in cod black ops?

Kill a player by throwing a tomahawk and it bouncing off a wall and hitting the person.

How do you pull out a tomahawk on cod 7?

press the primary grenade button

How do you kill the demon dogs in cod black ops?


Can you kill other player on cod black ops zombies?


How many cod points do you get for one kill in cod black ops?

500 for search and 50 for domanation and 50 for headquaters

How do you get an offense medal in Cod Black Ops?

kill somone near there objectives

What happens when you get the meteors in cod black ops?

Hahaha. They are not meteors, they are rockets, and they kill people.

How do you get cod money on black ops?

By getting kill streaks and also leveling up.

What is cod black ops like?

Cod Black ops is like a world of fun in one game. I only have playstation 3 and not xbox.You get to choose is you want to kill zombies or shoot people

Should you get killzone 3 or Call of Duty Black Ops?

i would get cod black ops , if u are not a serious gamer go for kill zone , but there both good games ( by the looks of it ) if u have xbox live or playstation N i would get cod black ops if u dont get kill zone

How do you rate custom games in cod black ops?

First you play it then I don't care figure it out yourself