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Nah,you have to give the baby back to his father.(Isn't it weird he got pregnant?)

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Q: Can you keep the alien baby in sims 2 on psp?
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Can you have an alien baby on sims 2 psp?

you can but its rare to have one in sims 2 psp

How be an alien in sims 2 psp?

you cant !

Do sims grow old in the sims 2 psp. How do you make your sims pregnant in the sims 2 psp.How does your boy sim get pregnant with a alien baby?

no, impossible and impossible only on computer

Why do they let you do woohoo when you cant have a baby afther on the sims 2 psp?

You probably can have a baby you'll have to keep trying until you hear the baby noise

Where is deputy Duncan in Sims 2?

He is not there in the game. Only in the sims 2 for PSP. but there is Ophelia and the smiths (alien family).

Can you have a baby on sims castaway on DS?

no you can not have a baby on the sims 2 castaway on ds or ps2 or psp only on sims castaway stories for PC

How do you get a baby on The Sims 2 psp?

You can't have a baby on PSP, just like your sim doesn't age, can't get married, et cetera.

Can you have a baby in sims castaway psp?

Yes you can scroll down for the answer No you can't :)

Can you have a kid on the Sims2 PSP?

No, you can't have a baby/toddler/child/teen or anything but an adult in the PSP Sims 2.

Is it possible to have a baby in story mode in The Sims 2 for PS2?

no you cannot have a baby because i have tried but it hasn't worked but try to do glitches and see if you can have a baby on the sims 2 for psp

How do you have a baby sims 2 psp?

Im sorry you cany couse i tryed and you cant same with sims 2 pets

What is the password on the computer at the secret sublevel on the sims 2 psp?

u should intimidate the 'guy in black' alien. i hope helped:)