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yes go to cafe then up 1stare case and look around with A then give her the key and she gives you a lava Cookie

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Q: Can you help the girl stuck outside her hotel room on Pokemon pearl?
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Can you help the girl stuck outside her hotel in diamond Pokemon?

Actually, yes you can. South from where she is there's a hidden key, you have to use the item finder to get it.

How do you get to other regoins on Pokemon pearl version?

You can't, you are stuck in the Sinnoh region.

You are stuck in Pokemon pearl and have beaten Cynthia now what do you do?

go to snowpoint city and go on the boat to the battle tower

Can you get skis on Pokemon pearl?

No sorry you can't I wanted some to cause i kept getting stuck in the thick snow

Can you go underground in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot go underground as you were able to in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You are stuck above ground in Pokemon SoulSilver. You get two regions to go between, though.

What do you do AFTER CATCHing cressila on Pokemon pearl for ds because i am stuck and i don't know what to do now.please help need asap please and thank you?

you have to go chase it

What do you do if you are stuck in a cave in Pokemon pearl?

lol, just use an escape rope, these can be bought at poke marts' provided that you have bought one, you can escape the cave

How do you get to sunnyshore without action replay or caching Palkia on Pokemon pearl?

if you mean like you knocked it out or something just go! but if your stuck i suggest you start training

How do you get the walk through anything to work in Pokemon platinum?

you cant. the action replay only works on two Pokemon games diamond and pearl. So I guess you are stuck until the company comes out with a new one :(

Can you put Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl on to Pokémon Ruby?

Sorry, but the answer is no. You cannot transfer Pokemon from DS to GBA games, even through the pal park. If you transferred a Pokemon from a GBA Game to a DS game through the pal park, it is stuck on the DS version.

What are the release dates for Stuck Outside of Phoenix - 2013?

Stuck Outside of Phoenix - 2013 was released on: USA: 2 May 2013 (Tempe, Arizona)

Im stuck on Pokemon pearl after catching cresslia?

if you have beaten the elite 4 then once you catch cresselia there is pretty finished the game so now what you should do is finish your pokedex and national dex then train all your Pokemon to lv 100 and evolve all Pokemon then your pretty much finished the entire game