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at a time? i don't think so with out cheats in total? yes with just a mom and a dad in the house u can hav up 2 6 kids living with u and then when some move out u can hav more

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2009-05-25 18:05:12
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Q: Can you have more than 2 children on the sims?
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Is there a cheat to make still young adult sims have a household with more than 2 children when the try for baby does not show up for the Sims 2 family edition?

there is no cheat but there is a lifetime wish for it

Do sims 2 castaway people have children?

NO the sims castaway people cant have children on the wii. You can have children on the Sims 2 Castaway for pc.

How do you get preaget on The Sims 2 for ps2?

in the sims 2 for the ps2 your sims can not have children

On the sims do children become adults?

On the Sims 2 the children turn to teenagers and then adults, but on the original Sims game the children will stay children forever.

Can you have kids on the sims 2 pets?

In the sims 2 pets for PC i think you can but, sadly, in the consoles you cant. :( I hope that help'ed!

Can you have more than 2 babies on the sims 2?

yes with a hack look on mod the sims or another website to find it

How do you have children on Sims 2 Pets PS2?

You can't have children on sims 2 pets ps2 Sorry  -Jazz

Can you have children on sims 2 ps2?

No, you cannot have children on most of the Sims 2 Console games, including PS2.

On sims butin out can 2 sims of the same sex have children?


How do you get more than two kids on sims 2 seasons?

Just Woohoo your parent Sims or adopt.

In the Sims 2 is it possible to have more than 8 or 10 Sims living in your house?

if this is for the pc,you can have 8 in total but for the sims 2 for the ps2,you can only have four.

Is the sims 1 good or bad?

the sims one is outdated, the sims 2 or 3 has much better graphics and more options and a lot more fun than the sims 1.

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