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Yes it's very simple actually all you do is click on the furniture button and scroll to the right it willl come up as nursery or a teddy bear simply press that buy a cot and wait two hours then you have a baby it is very different to sims 3 ambitions because with this being on the iPad/iPod as well the free play has no maximum of babies! ( you have to have a married couple)

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Q: Can you have a baby on sims free play?
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How do you clean your baby on sims free play?

You cant

Will the sims free play ever add baby's?

Yes it already did

Are there cheats for The Sims free play?

ive tryed so far i cant have a baby

What does it look like when you have a baby on Sims free play?

the girl spins around and has it in her hands

Are there any free games where you can have a family like a wife and a baby?

Yeah, if you have an iPod you can play Virtual Family and if not you can play Sims(:

How do you have a baby on sims free play for the iPad?

You can't but you can get two sims to WooHoo (which does not get a sim pregnant) once they have reached the relationship milestone of "Partners"

Can you have a baby in free play in the sims 2 for ps2?

well they say in ps2 version it doesnt work

Can Sims die in Sims free play?

if its sims on the pc then yes

Why does the Sims 3 appear on your origin account but not on your Sims 3 community account on my page where it says your games?

Because you have to, pay and the sims are different because in free play you could make your own baby and in sims 3 you got to have your own baby and yoir own stuff

Should you buy the Sims Free Play or a different Sims game that costs money for your IPad?

Free Play

How do you get more dominions on Sims free play?

You can get more dominions on Sims free play using cheat codes.

Can you have a baby on sims bustin out for ps2?

Yes you have to kiss like three times but it has to be on free play and another player playing with you