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No but you can catch many of the Pokemon in Sinnoh after you beat the Elite 4

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Q: Can you go to Kanto in Pokemon pearl?
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Can you go to Kanto in Pokemon peral?

No, you cannot. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are in Sinnoh only.

How do you get to Kanto in Pokemon Pearl?

u cant go to the kanto but u can get kanto Pokemon in 2 ways.1 u can look 4 them.2 if the game boy trader thing you cood trade Pokemon.

What is the action replay code to go to kanto or johto or Hoenn in Pokemon pearl?

Uh...there isn't one...

What kinds of Pokemon are in Pokemon Conquest?

mostly kanto and pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

If you had all the Pokemon in the entire region in Hoenn kanto and johto what will i do in my Pokemon Pearl?

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Can you get Charizard in Pokemon Pearl?

You don't. The only way to get Charizard on Pokemon Pearl is to migrate one from the Kanto Reigion.

Can you go to Kanto Johto and Hoenn in Pokemon PERL?

no, in Pearl as well as Diamond and Platinum, you can only be in the Sinnoh region

Where do you get exacute in Pokemon pearl?

you get an exacute in the hoho and the kanto reigon

Is it possible to go to johto in Pokemon pearl?

No, Kanto is not available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. The only games that allow players to arrive in Kanto from a different region are Pokemon Silver, Gold, Crystal, SoulSilver, and HeartGold.

How do you you get yellow version Pokemon into pearl?

To get Kanto region Pokemon (Yellow takes place in Kanto), you must migrate Pokemon from the GBA versions of FireRed and LeafGreen.

Action replay ds cheat unlock Kanto Hoenn Johto pearl?

why do you whant to go to kanto,hoenn or jotho you can catch any Pokemon you want with acion repley

How do you get to kanto on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant go to kanto in the sinnoh Pokemon games.