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Q: Can you get to Tormented Demons without doing the While Guthix Sleeps Quest?
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How do you get to the Tormented Demons on RuneScape?

Firstly you need to complete the quest "While Guthix Sleeps" then go to the same area in which you fought them in the quest. But if you forgot this is how it works. You start in lumbridge basement. Then you make sure you have a sapphire lantern and you head in the wall which is to the right of the bank chest. Then you will encounter 2 paths. Take the right path then continue to go straight until you see a tiny lake that you can jump over. There will be a rock in the middle of the tiny lake. Click on the rock reffered to "stepping stone" and once you jump over you will see a cave. Enter cave and you will see Light creatures. Use youre lantern on a light creature that is close to you. Then after you will see 2 options across chasm or into chasm. Choose Into the chasm. After choosing that you will go down in the chasm then continue left and you will see a path that just goes straight. Go down the path until you discover skull faces on a rock that have stairs on them. Climb up the stairs 3 times to the top and you will enter a cave. Then just continue straight and dont turn anywere. After you head straight youre path will start to tilt left and then you will see a tormented demon or more ahead of you. Goodluck getting Dragon claws drops!

Barracks is to dormitory as what is to student?

Barracks is to dormitory as soldier is to student. A dormitory is where a student sleeps, and a barracks is where a soldier sleeps.

What is the highest hit ever hit on runescape?

The highest hit in runescape ever recorded on video was a 150 hit on a steel titan using ruby (e) bolts.The only place you can hit higher than that would be in a certain quest.In the quest while guthix sleeps people are aple to hit 200's but that does not count.The only higher hit would be in soul wars on the avatar with Ruby Bolts (E) is a 200 but nobody has ever hit that on video Edit: Previously 150, now it may be 1500-1509

What does it mean when a chao sleeps a lot in sonic adventure 2?

It's possible that the chao is approaching either its evolution or reincarnation stage.

What are rick wong's answers in sims2 for psp?

1. The stray cow falls into the thicket. 2. Attention yields obedience. 3. Is strewn with manure. 4. The enemy tips the cow who sleeps.

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What monsters drop d claws?

tormented demons, after the "while guthix sleeps" quest

Where to find a tormented demon in runescape?

after completing the Grand Master quest "while Guthix sleeps" you will be able to access the dungeon, in which the Tormented Demons are located.

How do you obtain dragon claws in runescape?

These are dropped by Tormented Demons. However, you have to complete the While Guthix Sleeps quest to be able to get them. Alternatively, you can buy the dragon claws from other players.

How do you get a dragon claw blade?

You can't. The only ways to obtain dragon claws are as followed Dragon claws may be obtained as a drop from tormented demons or traded from another player or bought from the Grand Exchange. Tormented demons can only be killed during and after While Guthix Sleeps. Credits to: Runescapewiki

Where is a tormented demon in ruenscape?

In the former area of the Stone of Jas inside the Ancient Guthix Temple. While Guthix Sleeps quest has to be completed to fight them.

Which quest is harder Nomads requeniem or while guthix sleeps?

While Guthix Sleeps

When dragon claws appeared?

When you complete While Guthix sleeps quest which also drops dragon lump which it is to create dragon platebody (tormented demon only)

What drops dragon platebody on RuneScape?

Monsters don't drop the actual platebody, but they drop pieces: One piece that is needed to make the platebody is received through the reward of the While Guthix Sleeps quest. The others are dropped by Tormented demons. You do not have to start/finish the quest to wear the platebody.

What monster drops dragon hatchet?

Only Tormented Demons, which can only be killed if 1. Your a mem. 2. You have done all the quest. and 3. if you start While Guthix sleeps quest and you get far enough. Any more question? Hope it helped! --Bobbityjoe2

What monster drops a dragon plate?

Dragon platebodies are not from while guthix sleeps, one peice of it knows as "dragon armour lump" is about 9m and is the only peice rewarded as part of completing the quest, the other peices are dropped by tormented demons which you must kill after you have completed the quest. When killing these after completing the quest you receive no stat bonuses so be prepared.

What is the most useful RuneScape quest?

Definetly "While Guthix Sleeps"

What will happend when you complete all quests of runescape?

you have access to the Quest Skill cape. which is a great achieveent. It has a special skill emote, but it not beneficial other than that. Whenever a new quest is released, you are unable to wear the cape until you have completed the new quest (thus having full QP again). A notable feature of having 270+ qp is that u can complete While Guthix Sleeps, and have access to Tormented Demons, which in turn drop Dragon Claws. Hope I helped.