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Yes, you can get Shuppet in SoulSilver, you will be able to find it in the Forest area of the Safari Zone however the area needs 18 Forest Objects placed there and you also need to wait 20 days before it will appear in the area the following day. The Shuppet that will appear will be at Level 46.

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Q: Can you get shuppet in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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What type of Pokemon is Shuppet?

Shuppet is a Ghost type pokemon.

How do you get shuppet on Pokemon explorers of darkness as a starter Pokemon?

You cant start as a shuppet but you can recruit it somwere

What is the the evolution of shuppet in Pokemon?

It evolves into Banette. It's a Ghost type Pokemon, pre-evolution of Shuppet. Shuppet evolves into Banette at level 37.

Where can you find the shuppet egg in Diamond?

There are no Shuppet eggs in Pokemon Diamond.

Where do you catch a Shuppet on soulsilver?

place 18 forest objects in the forest

When does the Pokemon Shuppet evolve into a Banette?

Shuppet evolves at level 37 into Banette.

What Pokemon evolves into a bannette?


What is the national pokedex number for Shuppet?

Shuppet is #353 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ghost type Pokemon.

Why won't shuppet evolve in Pokemon white?

There is no reason Shuppet shouldn't evolve at Lv 37.

Where can you find a shuppet in Pokemon diamond?

leave two banettes at the day care center and there will be a shuppet egg.

What Pokemon have the frisk ability in Pokemon Platinum?

Stantler, Shuppet, and Bannete

My favorite Pokemon is shuppet who else likes shuppet?

I also like shupet i ben trying to get a shiny but no luck