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No Hell NO there's no sex aloud except if you have someone lay down on ya but the person who made moviestarplanet probably doesn't know but u cant say sex unless u say $ex

actually yes my friend has a little girl on moviestarplanet

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Q: Can you get pregnant on moviestarplanet the game?
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What other game does ishacool play?

she plays moviestarplanet

What is moviestarplanet for?

MovieStarPlanet is a online game were children can talk to other around the world and gain education and learn differnt skils.

How do you poo your pants on the moviestarplanet game?

Its stupid so play animaljam in stead

What is the best chat game online?

What is an appropriate virtual world game?

Either:- Club penguin Moshi Monsters Moviestarplanet

Is good feet a good company?

moviestarplanet is the best game ever add me Famousegirl200 lol

How do you moviestarplanet?

you dont moviestarplanet its a website. go on and make a file. ( im rocker8377 on moviestarplanet)

Is Movie Star Planet a free game or money game?

no, moviestarplanet is free. but if u want to be VIP you have to pay. Hope i anwered your question

What are some virtual worlds where you can be rich and have boyfriends?

moviestarplanet is a great game to become rich and have a boyfriend hope you like it

Who created moviestarplanet?

Someone named "The Producer". They always have VIP! They make all cool features of the game.

Is moviestarplanet for teenagers?

Ages 8-15 are the ages that are supposed to be on MovieStarPlanet

What do you have to do to unlock moviestarplanet?

how do i unlock moviestarplanet so i can go online a gen