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i have no idea. im trying to figure that out myself. also; next time say xbox live instead of saying live

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Q: Can you get minecraft on the xbox 360 without live?
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Can you buy texture packs in minecraft xbox 360 without xbox live?

Nope, all in-console purchases requre xbox live.

Does Minecraft on Xbox 360 Kinect have to have Xbox Live?

To originally purchase Minecraft yes, but from then on it can be run without Live!

Is Minecraft available on a disc for the Xbox 360?

No, you get it over XBox Live.

Where can you purchase Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

Off of the XBOX LIVE marketplace.

Can you play the game Minecraft on the Xbox 360 without Xbox live?

Yes, you can still play the game. You just can't connect with other people.

Are there aliens on Minecraft Xbox 360?

yes there are aliens on minecraft xbox 360

Can you buy minecraft on Xbox 360 somewhere other than Xbox live because i don't have an Xbox live account and im not buying Microsoft points?

No, XBox Live is the only way to get it for 360.

How do you get pixelmon on Xbox 360?

how to get minecraft xbox 360

How can you play minecraft on Xbox 360 without signing into live?

You can't. There might be a crack/hack but you can get your xBox banned for that etc.

Will Minecraft ever be for Xbox 360?

Notch recently announced at E3 that there will be Minecraft on the Xbox 360 under a different name, and no, it is not the Xbox live Indie game known as FortressCraft , which is pretty much just a rip off of Minecraft Classic.

Where can one download the game of Minecraft?

The PC version of Minecraft can be downloaded from Mojang's official Minecraft page. The XBOX 360 version of Minecraft can be downloaded from XBox Live Arcade.

How can you you get multiplayer on minecraft Xbox 360?

The only way you can be in multiplayer you have to get xbox live account then you have to get xbox gold for it (-you have to buy it) after you get xbox live you can add your friends but they have to have xbox live and xbox gold to play with you.