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i dont believe so its not like your down loading a movie thats been video taped in the movie theaters.

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Q: Can you get in trouble for downloading Club Penguin Storm?
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Can you get Club Penguin money maker without downloading?

penguin storm

How do you use penguin storm for Club Penguin?

Go to your search engine and type in Club Penguin Storm downloadfollow the instructionsI must warn you about Club Penguin Storm, it can get you banned for life, or in deep trouble. Or it could work out for you.GOOD LUCK :)

What is penguin storm on Club Penguin?

Penguin Storm is a trainer that no longer works.

How can you get Club Penguin storm 7?

just type in club penguin storm 7

How do you get giant in Club Penguin?

get a club penguin storm 9

Club Penguin storm 6.0?

There is penguin storm 9.1 at

How do you get a server unfull on Club Penguin?

use club penguin storm

How do you change into anybody in Club Penguin?

You need Club Penguin Storm.

How do you get big on Club Penguin?

You need to have penguin storm,which you can download at:

Can you help me do the penguin storm 6.1 on club penguin?

Penguin storm is illegal so I will not help you!

How do you download club penguin storm 12.5?

Penguin Storm. Penguin Storm is no longer available after they went into hot water with Disney. Penguin Storm no longer exists, nor does Microchips123's other Club Penguin hacking tools.

What does Club Penguin storm do?

Club Penguin Storm is a hacking program that hacks into club penguin and makes you able to do cool stuff like make your self Rockhopper.