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no they are just for gamer score (GS)

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2011-03-27 21:11:20
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Q: Can you get gamer pictures by getting achievements?
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What if you dont have xbox live how do i unlock gamer pictures?

Some games allow you to unlock gamer pictures. But to download gamer pictures, you will need Xbox live.

What is 25G on xbox 360?

25G is the gamer score (known as achievements). All games have this gamer score.

How do you get more gamer score in halo reach?

You gain achievement points for completing achievements, thus raising your gamer score.

What can you do with gamer points?

Nothing, they are just points that you receive for completing achievements.

Can you download gamer pictures with out having Xbox live?

Yes click on your gamer profile and then click new picture to get one

Pictures of the filipino heroes including their achievements?

The pictures of the Filipino heroes including their achievements can be found in the history books. The pictures can also be found in the internet.

What is the best Xbox 360 Gamer Pictures?

You buy the great pictures off of the xbox live store.

How do you get gamer pictures for xbox 360?

Well you see you go to Profile THen gamer picture then it will say get more pictures and press it the get em some are for microsoft points others are Free Hope That Helped ;)

Can you add new gamer pictures for games for windows live account?


How do you get gamer pictures on xbox360?

Either the marketplace or take a picture of your avatar.

Do you keep your X-Box live arcade games and achievements if you redeem your gamer tag?


Do you get a free theme and gamer pictures when you beat 'splosion man?

Yes, you get a free Splosion Man Premium Theme after beating the final boss, and free gamer pictures after beating the first few levels.

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