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minecraft accounts are free to register.

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Q: Can you get free Minecraft accounts?
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How would one get free online minecraft accounts?

Unless you are gifted the game from a friend, you cannot get free premium minecraft accounts. You can register accounts without buying the game, though you will only be able to play creative.

Can Minecraft be free?

Yes but not the premium accounts. if you got a free premium account for free it is illegal.

Is there any Minecraft accounts for free?

If you go to the website right underneath sign in there should be a button that says play minecraft for free.

Where do you get a free Minecraft account?

Minecraft accounts are free. Just go to the official Minecraft website. If you want a free version of the game, you could use Mineshafter Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode! You can get one too! >> <<

How do you make a Minecraft accounts free?

You can create a Minecraft account for free at their official website, You only have access to Minecraft Classic. Unless there is a giveaway approved by Mojang, there is no reason to get the full game for free.

What is the Minecraft code to get membership for free?

Minecraft accounts are already free, you can freely register one. You only need to pay if you want the full version.

What is a free Minecraft email and password?

Nobody is going to give theirs to you, and all the sites offering free Minecraft accounts are all scams. Just deal with it.

Do you need to pay for a planet Minecraft account?

Nope, PMC accounts are free for everyone!

What is a free Minecraft username and password?

To get one, (The main website) is the only online place to receive free accounts!!

How much does Minecraft cost on a PC?

Minecraft accounts do not cost money, for they are free, but when you are upgrading your account to Premium is when you pay the money. When paying for the full, or premium, version of Minecraft, you pay a total of $26.95.

Is there anyone who will give you there minecraft account i really what one or is there a place where you can get free accounts without a survey of paying anything?

No, and no.

How do you make Minecraft free Minecraft accounts?

You cannot legally make free premium minecraft accounts, although there are legal methods of obtaining one:(copied and pasted from a similar question)From friends and family as giftsGiveaways on the internet (unfortunately you will probably have very slim chances)Reward sites (although these will take a long time)All other methods are illegal.