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You can't. Use Action Replay.

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Q: Can you get deoyxs without Nintendo Event on Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get deoyxs in Pokemon Emerald?

see me

Wheres Deoyxs in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant without hacking

Is there anyway to get Deoxes in Pokemon Emerald without a game shark?

there are two ways of getting deoyxs 1:find the Auorora Ticket and go to birth island. 2: trade it from another gba

How do you catch Deoyxs in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant catch a deoxys in Pokemon soulsilver or heartgold but u cud trade it over from ruby Sapphire or emerald or use an action replay

Where is Deoyxs in Pokemon FireRed?

its on birth island

How do you catch deoyxs in Pokemon soul silver?

You cant get it but if you have GBA games of Emerald and catch it, then Send it to HG/SS in Kanto ( you can go there by boat in the place where the light house is

Where are all Pokemon on Pokemon Ranger web?

In the ranger net you have to catch three legendary pokemon. 1-Deoyxs-In the tunnel connecting Ring town and Fall city 2-Celebi-In lyra forest 3-Mew-In the forest near Summerland

What are all of the legendairy's that you can get on Pokemon emerald?

You can get Lugia Ho-oh Latios or Latias mew Deoyxs Rayquaza Kyorge Groundon For Lugia and Ho-oh you need a Mystic Ticket to go to Navel Rock For Mew you need a old sea map to go to faraway island For deoyxs you need a aurora ticket For latios and latias u get them after you beat the elite 4 or you get a eon ticket For rayquaza u go to the sky pillar For kyorge u go to marine cave For groundon u go to terra cave and to get the sea map and the tickets u get them in a nintindo event and the other Pokemon that don't need a ticket you get them later on in the game

What legendary Pokemon can catch in Pokemon emerald?

You can capture Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre (2 of them to be specific), Latios/Latias (after beating the Pokemon league choosing blue or red after watching TV determines what Lati you get).

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch in Pokémon Black, it's unavailable in the game. You can however transfer Deoyxs in the Poké Transfer Lab from a previous game provided you have a Deoxys in a previous game or you can also arrange a trade for it.

Pokemon Emerald-how to get the arura ticket?

you carnt... BUT if you use vba emulator version 1.8 beta I think it was, you can use this gameshark code: 19C67C656689 94318B106753 you wil also have to turn this code on first: 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 To use the code, go in a door, then set the game on paused and then activate the cheat and press ALT-3 then you will go in a " portal "... you will now be at birth island, at the island there will be a triancle. push it around until deoyxs apper. To return just deactivate the cheats and go back by ship. Hope it helped :-D P.S i know my English is a little bad. Im danish :-D

How do you get deoxis in Pokemon emerald?

Well some people get very excited by hearing these rumors saying that you can go to the moon and catch deoxys and there are other rumors that you can catch deoxys by clicking on the smallest of three trees on mirage island.You cannot go to the moon on 100 rocket launches because I went and talked to the person doing the count on exactly 100 and he said 'That's rocket number 100 launched succesfully'.All these rumors about getting to the moon to get Deoxys or Jirachi are FALSE.The only way to get Deoxys,Jirachi,Mew and Celebi is to use Action Replay or Gameshark or to atted a Nintendo event or a special Giveaway but Nintendo no longer holds events for GBASP and they hold events only for the NDSL!But action replay can make your game freeze and you might start the game as a clipboard and can't move.You can and you cant, under normal circumstances you cannot, but you could if you go to a Nintendo event or you could use codes and cheats to obtain it.So far there is no legal way to get a Deoxys in any Pokemon game. The Deoxys Aurora Ticket event has passed, and I'm not sure if it's coming back, but that is the only legal way to get a Deoxys. You could cheat by using Action Replay, but use it at your own risk. It could corrupt the game file, causing glitches such Missingno to appear.once you have beaten the elite for a man will talk to you press yes,it will take you to a place with Deoxys there .(you HAVE to use a master ballyou have to use a gameshark or go to the Nintendo event that is over. ok get a wireless adapter and it mystery gift hit laive events and it will say like lugia celbi deoyxs or anything or it will say no live events i have lugia it is awesome! TaylorchuI don't know. That's what I want to know but I think you have to go to a place called Birth Island. First, buy a gameshark. Next, go under Pokemon emerald. Search around and you'll find a section on "WARP TO". Under it, enable "BIRTH ISLAND". Proceed to the game. Then, hold L and walk in a Pokemon center. You will appear on birth island. Go farther and talk to the weird triangle multiple times and deoxys will appear. by throwing a pokeball at it:) Nintendo Event or Action Replay without cheating you have to clock 1200 hours into it, fly to mosdeep city and they will finally allow normal people to go on the spaceship and you will fly to an island containing deoxys to get a deoxys u need to get the birth island ticket at a special event u can then go to birth island on the ferry in slateport